Welcome to our refreshed E2E ITSM Consulting (E2E ITSM-C) website!  We are very excited to introduce you to our organisation, to our values, our capabilities and to our team.

As you navigate through the website, we would appreciate any constructive feedback you may have for us to optimize its usability and layout. We also welcome any suggestions for additional functionalities that would make your experience using our website GREAT!  Please use our Improvement suggestions form to provide us with this information.

To introduce ourselves, we decided to tell you our story below.

Once upon a time, there were these two professionals with a huge amount of passion for what they do.  They dedicated a big part of their lives to excel in their professions.  These people (the co-founders of E2E ITSM-C) came from a culture where education, hard work, sacrifices, loyalty, and dedication are considered as foundational pillars for one’s success.  They started looking for work in Australia while still living in the country of the pyramids; in fact, one of them was successful at securing a job in Sydney before resigning their elite jobs there and actually starting the new job within 4 days of landing in Sydney on September 26th 1987.  Little did they know at the time, that such proactive approach and efficiency will define how they do things in the future and will evolve to become some of the value add they bring to their customers. As this proactive attitude was not the norm in 1987 (Social Security was a lot more generous back then too), they considered this to be the first of their achievements in the land of opportunity.

Years went by, they moved from one job to the other, they re-skilled and developed their capabilities, attaining some of the most recognised post graduate and professional qualifications and related experience.  Throughout a large part of their careers, they were blessed to have worked in some very large and respectful IT organisations where they built a significant part of their knowledge in industry best practices.  This was the foundation upon which they continued building what became E2E ITSM-C capabilities.

There was a lot of hard work involved, very long working hours (no overtime), more education and skills development, as well as a lot of family-related sacrifices before their preferred employer to whom they owed a huge debt of gratitude for their experience and expertise, was acquired by another large organisation!

As their credibility grew and their capabilities were acknowledged within the industry, they decided it was time for the next chapter of their professional life: Become entrepreneurs! In 2009, they started their own consulting company, E2E ITSM Consulting Pty. Ltd. a.k.a. E2E ITSM-C, with the aim of adding value to their customers by sharing the wealth of their knowledge and experience with them.  .

They committed to pouring their hearts, souls, and knowledge to establish a business that helps customers be successful. E2E ITSM-C was built on values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, transparency, and excellence.  In addition to the two Co-Founders, who are also Principal Consultants, complementary, skilled, team members are hired on a project by project basis in line with the different business and customers’ needs.  More recently, they started collaborating and establishing partnerships with other brilliant and like-minded customer-focused professionals (crème de la crème, really), creating great synergies and adding even more value to their valued customers.

We hope that this introductory story will provide our valued customers with some insight into our foundational values and into who we are.

So far, we are still a small business in the process of growing and maturing; we’re counting on you to help us achieve that dream.  Please go to our about us page to learn a bit more about us and to our services pages to find out more about the services that we offer, and how we can help your business.