Innovation In ITSM Training & Consulting Services

We help customers to become more agile at service management by using simulation games as the foundation for teams’ experiential learning. This helps to embed new approaches such as Agile, DevOps and Lean concepts into their day to day business.

With expert knowledge in CMMI and ITIL, we analyse business problems and draw on multiple industry best practices to develop innovative, pragmatic, end to end hybrid solutions that maximise efficiencies, ROI and value on investment, while reducing costs and waste. Our consultants and trainers are competent communicators, thought leaders and fun game masters.

Our collective experience within Asia Pacific, North America and the Middle East spans over 90 years in the financial and banking industry, government, hospitality, airline, retail, and IT (hardware, software, business relationship management and consulting). We also have access to resources in the Healthcare and other industries.

Our Philosophy and Our Approach

We design our service solutions using a modular approach; once we understand the customer challenges and needs we carefully select the appropriate capability modules or jigsaw puzzle pieces that address those specific needs, and strategically position them to ensure they not only resolve the issues or address the needs, but also add the most value while reducing costs.

The process we use to tackle a typical end to end process/service improvement consulting engagement comprises the following modules or stages:


We bundle these modules or stages as follows:

  • Discovery
  • Planning and design
  • Development and build
  • Deployment and implementation
  • Transition and transformation
  • Service and process improvement (iterative or as a one-off activity)

Customers can select an end to end solution that covers all modules or just engage our consultants to execute one module or parts of that module. Based on the customer objectives and ways of working we use either traditional waterfall or Agile approaches to structure and execute the above modules.

Our Company Purpose

To deliver customer oriented professional services using industry best practices that will enable our customers to:

  • Achieve their business objectives and business outcomes.
  • Reduce waste and maximize efficiency.
  • Reduce total their cost of ownership, and maximize their Return and Value on Investment (ROI & VOI).
  • Increase their ability to increase flexibility and responsiveness to changes.
  • Transform chaotic working conditions into a stable and mature work environments enabling the organisation to become an employer of choice.

In doing so, we hope that our customers will see us as valued trusted advisors and will consider us as one of their preferred service providers.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have hands-on experience in:

  • Assessing problematic situations and recommending end to end solutions (People, processes, and tools).
  • Establishing and managing implementation and improvement programmes and projects.
  • Implementing processes and standards.
  • Establishing business and client relationship functions.
  • Establishing service and quality improvement systems and functions.
  • Designing and re-engineering processes.
  • Reviewing service contracts.
  • Developing and delivering training.
  • Facilitating business and IT service management simulations workshops.
  • Evaluating technology solutions and tools on behalf of our customers and assist them in making objective decision.
  • Providing QAaaS activities

Our Partners

E2E ITSM Consulting is a CMMI Institute partner and has forged several important alliances with other IT Service Management training vendors and simulation games providers.  We have has established partnerships and alliances with world class third party suppliers of technology solutions supporting IT Service Management and Quality/Management Systems based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Programme.

We look forward to hearing from you and to mobilising our capabilities to support your organisation’s improvement efforts.



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