Small Business , SM & ITSM Consulting Services

Is your business suffering from any of the following symptoms?

Dissatisfied customers

Poor service quality or too many defective products

Unhappy and frustrated employees

The organisation seems to be functioning in silos rather than as a unified team

Services offered are costing you too much?

Too many disconnected tools some of which are probably redundant

Employees are circumventing or ignoring the organisation’s processes?

Undocumented processes or how to-s

The organisation is depending on a few heroes who know it all and who seem to be holding it at ransom

Immature organisation and processes

The business is NOT sale ready

Need to implement a standard

Contractual agreements are not met = $$$ penalties

No measurement programme that aligns the organisation’s objective to operational measures

Inadequate SLAs or none agreed to

If your business suffers any of the above symptoms, we at E2E ITSM Consulting Pty. Ltd. can help you! 

Regardless of the size of your budget, we can work with you to build improvement programmes that will help you achieve your objectives in small steps or through large programmes of change.

We have a service model that suits both your budget and your business requirements; it varies from onsite consultants to online or remote advisors and/or support.

We use the best frameworks, models, and approaches that the industry offer, to develop a solution that solves most common issues address your concerns and help you achieve your objectives faster.

Please refer to our Services page to check out our services.  We look forward to your phone call, message or email to discuss your requirements further!