E2E ITSM Consulting Pty. Ltd. provides several types of services: Consulting, Shared Services, Training, and in affiliation with GamingWorks, Business and ITSM Simulations services. It specialises in multiple industry best practices such as ITIL, CMMI, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC20000 just to name a few.

As we were developing our services, we made a point of developing them in modules to enable us to mix and match these modules – which we also refer to as capabilities – as required and to scale our engagements in line with our customers’ needs and budgets.  Each of these service modules can be offered as a stand-alone service in its own right, or as part of an end to end solution.

Because we specialize in more than one industry best practice, something that set us apart from our competition, we also have the ability to develop customized hybrid solutions for our customers to reduce costs, increase productivity and to best meet their strategic requirements and performance excellence targets.

We support organisations large and small looking for coaching or looking at improving their services and/or processes.

In addition to our modular approach to services, we also offer several flexible service delivery models to meet our customers needs:

  • Dedicated onsite senior consultants (fixed term)
  • On demand onsite senior consultants
  • Ongoing online consultancy (fixed term or subscription-based)
    • Community of excellence – Several service levels
  • On demand remote consultancy – Phone
    • Quick Questions &  Answers (up to 15 minutes)
    • Ask the Expert (15-30 mins)
    • Mobile Advisor (30 – 60 mins)
  • Provision of resources (aka resource augmentation – fixed term, skill set as agreed with customer)

As mentioned above, we offer modular end to end services. By that we mean that we can either offer and end to service or part of the service based on your business needs and/or requirements.  As an example, if you have the resources to plan and implement, but require resources to perform related quality assurance activities, we could provide just that module/component.

  • Implementation
    If your organisation is in the process of implementing an industry best practices we can help by offering you one, more or all of the following implementation modules:

    • Conducting your gap analysis or baseline assessment to establish a project starting point and identify implementation road map
    • Planning your implementation activities
    •  Working with your key staff members to design, redesign and develop your process documentation
    • Working with your key staff members to help you develop organisation management of change strategies to increase stakeholders’ buy-in and maximize new process take-up
    • Managing your project implementation activities
    • Providing technology-related consultancy
    • Conducting ongoing progress assessments and appraisals in collaboration with qualified world-class  consultants
    • Providing project-related training (please refer to our Training page for more details
    • Conducting ongoing progress surveillance assessments
  • CMMI implementation services
    • Planning your implementation activities including project metrics programme
    • Conducting your gap analysis or baseline assessment to establish implementation road map
    • Work with your staff to develop your process documentation
    • Work with your key staff members to help you develop organisation management of change strategies to increase stakeholders buy-in and new process take-up
    • CMMI Training
      • Formal Introduction to CMMI-SVC training
      • CMMI-SVC and CMMI-DEV awareness
      • Customized CMMI modular training
    • CMMI SCAMPI Appraisals in collaboration with world class Lead Appraisers
    • CMMI implementation informal progress assessments
  • ICT Infrastructure management assessments
    • Healthcheck-type assessment
  • Service and process Improvement strategy maps
    • Issue identification and improvement road maps
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and compliance
    • Establishing QA Capability
    • Outsourced services
  • Process documentation, automation and standardisation (based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Programme)
  • Organisational management of change
  • Programme and project management
  • Training: Simulation-based training
  • Business Relationship Management

To complement their Consulting services, E2E ITSM Consulting Pty. Ltd. has partnered with recognised world class technology and automation providers that offer Service Management and process automation options to our customers.

To complement its Training services, E2E ITSM Consulting Pty. Ltd. has partnered with Quint Wellington Redwood World Class Training material developer, and with GamingWorks a recognised world-leader in simulation games development and provision.  Simulation-based training increases training effectiveness as well as training budget ROI. Please see our related blog.

Our service delivery model is flexible, negotiable and depends on our customers’ service requirements and budget.

Please refer to our detailed featured service pages for more information about each of our services.