Quality Assurance (QA) as a Service (QAaaS)

Is your company suffering from inconsistent service quality?

Do you miss having a QA capability within your organisation?

Does your organisation suffer from inadequate QA resource levels to support required Quality Assurance (QA) activities throughout?

Are your processes being consistently ignored by your workforce?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions,  we can help you!

As mentioned on our About Us page, our service offerings’ modular approach allows us to offer you QAaaS as an end to end solution or just as an on-demand modular service offering.

QAaaS – End to End Solution

We offer our end to end solution whether our customers wish to build the capability in-house, or whether they wish for us to take on performing the related activities on their behalf (in other words, outsourcing QA activities to us) so that E2E ITSM Consulting could provide an extension of the services offered by the organisation.

If customers wish to develop the capability in-house, we can provide assistance to their staff; we can assist QA staff plan the activities, structure how the capability will be performed, develop the required collateral and provide training, and mentoring for their staff or suggest appropriate training.

We could also provide resources on a contractual basis, to augment their in-house capability if and when required.

Another delivery model we offer is outsourcing. We have two approaches to outsourcing:

  1. We could provide dedicated resources to work on the customer site as an extension of the organisation capability using customer-related resources such as servers, work spaces, laptop, phones etc.
  2. We could provide dedicated resources to work off-site on our premises as the QA arm of the customer organisation, while maintaining constant contact with the customer in line with the appropriate customer’s SLA.

Should our customers wish for us to perform the end to end QA function on their behalf, we will ensure that the scope and level of service they require, based on their quality objectives and on their level of process maturity, are clearly documented and agreed to prior to planning and performing the related activities.

Our standard end to end solution includes the following activities:

  • Agree and document QA activities scope and service level.
  • Plan QA activities to be performed as part of the engagement.
  • Develop audit criteria as required.
  • Perform audits of processes, process deliverables and other artifacts to verify compliance.
  • Develop and communicate audit reports, non conformances/non compliances list to appropriate stakeholders.
  • Establish a database of identified non-compliances
  • Analyse non-conformances to determine any related trends and provide improvement recommendations
  • Work with customers to develop corrective action plans
  • Assist customers to implement corrective action plans

Additional End to End services that are offered at an additional price include:

  • Baseline Assessments: Should the QA activities be offered as part of a framework or a model implementation project E2E can plan and perform (based on a client formal request) a baseline assessment at the start of the project, and communicate assessment findings to appropriate stakeholders
  • Work with customers to establish and/or maintain QA records as required
  • Establish an organisational service and process Improvement register that expands beyond QA-related improvements, listing all organisational improvement initiatives. This register allows organisations to have an overall visibility of all its improvement needs, evaluate all improvement initiatives and prioritize its improvement investment.
  • Ongoing QA support, discussions and coaching through our QA Commmunity of Excellence (optional at an additional price)

QAaaS – An on-demand Modular Service

As our service offerings are built in a modular format, we can offer our customers, individual QA modules as stand alone service solutions to support their in-house QA capability.

Audits, Assessments, and Appraisals

Baseline Assessments

Baseline assessment or audits are usually required to evaluate the starting point of an organisation process set, service or prior to embarking in a service/process improvement initiative. These baseline assessments or audits are usually performed against specific industry best practices the organisation is using such as ITIL®, CMMI®, ISO9001, ISO/IEC 20000 etc., or against the organisation’s own set of processes and policies. Further, if this starting point is not identified and recorded, organisations will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to demonstrate how much they have improved since they started their improvement journey.

Standard Deliverables
  • Planning of the engagement
  • Conducting the baseline assessment
  • Non-attributable baseline assessment findings
  • List of improvement recommendations
Additional Deliverables Offered at an additional price
  • Strategy Map providing a list of issues linked and mapped to suggested improvement initiatives that can address list assessment findings and other customer issues customer issues

Ongoing assessments and audits to measure progress

As organisations embark on their improvement journey, further assessments or audits are required to verify compliance and to ensure that improvement initiatives are progressing in the right direction in line with identified plans.  E2E ITSM Consulting can offer your organisation this service as a stand-alone service offering.

Standard  Deliverables
  • Planning of the engagement
  • Develop audit criteria
  • Conducting progress assessments or audits
  • Assessments or audits findings Reports
  • List of non-conformances or non-compliances related to each audit/assessment
Additional  Deliverables Offered at an additional price
  • Improvement recommendations related to each audit/assessment
  • % non-conformance closed since previous assessment
  • A consolidated non-conformance/non-compliance database for your organisation, that will enable the customer QA team to perform trend analysis and identify organisational improvement opportunities.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Appraisals

As a CMMI Institute partner, E2E ITSM Consulting Pty. Ltd. has established contacts with several certified CMMI Lead Appraisers and as such is able to coordinate and assist planning formal and informal CMMI appraisals for its customers as and when required.

  • Liaison with customers to select a Lead Appraiser
  • Liaison with customers and with Lead Appraisers to identify type and level of maturity to be appraised
  • Liaison with customers and with Lead Appraiser to plan appraisal schedule
  • CMMI Appraisal to be conducted by a certified Lead Appraiser with an E2E ITSM Consulting representative as an appraisal team member (ATM) as and when required
  • CMMI Appraisal Findings to be provided by the Lead Appraiser together with improvement recommendations depending on the type of appraisal
  • Rating of the process areas being assessed as appropriate
  • Customers assistance developing and implementing corrective action plans to address appraisal findings.

Project Healthchecks

We can also conduct ongoing project healthchecks to provide customers with a high level insight into the health of their projects. These project healthchecks are based on PMI’s Project Management Body Of Knowledge or PMBOK.

  • Conducting the project healthcheck
  • Project healthcheck findings report

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