Process Improvement Training & Consulting Services

If your organisation is suffering from any of the symptoms referred to in our Consulting page, we use as much or as little proven industry best practices to address the issues.  That way you know that we’re using solutions that have worked for several other similar organisations.

Whether your organisation has a specific objective to implement a specific best practice or just wants to improve certain aspects of its services or processes or interfaces we can help you achieve your goals.

Our modular approach will enable you to be in the driver seat while navigating your organisational improvement journey.

Process Implementation

ITIL®, CMMI, ISO/IEC 20000, MOF Implementation, Other

  • ITIL®/Service Management Process Implementation
    • Process Design/Re-engineering
      • Process Design and development
      • Process implementation
      • Continual Process Improvement
  • Service Management Tools Implementation
    • ITSM Tools Selection and implementation
    • Process/Tool alignment
  • Management of Change (MoC)
    • Current situation Assessment
    • Transition Strategies – Development
    • Transition Strategies – Implementation
  • Training  Capability Enablement
    • Training strategy development
    • Training programme setup
    • Role-based training requirements identification